Welcome to Sitrasinomedic.

Sitrasinomedic is a specialist provider of a focused range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and services, but with prime expertise in Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).


Healthcare professionals are exposed to contaminates every day and need to protect themselves and their patients from harm. Inconsistent or poor material quality and awkward fit can make finding the right protection challenging.

Fabric quality

Sitrasinomedic is proud to carry a new line of disposable protective apparel complete with Isolation Gowns made from top quality materials. Apparel is designed to keep you protected and offers the right fit, in attractive and fashionable colors.

Who can use our Equipment

Doctors,Physicians, Dental Practitioners, Medical Office Personnel, Beauticians, Medical Spa Personnel, Salon Personnel, Massage and Sports Therapists

Sitrasinomedic was established in 2008 specializing in trading of new healthcare products ,innovative product development,product design and manufacturing prototype, injection mould, die-casting mould, plastic parts, die-casting metal parts,  as well as OEM /ODM PCBA, pcb assembly,electronic assembly,electronic and electrical assembly manufacturing finished products...

Our Network

Our distribution networks further extended to food processing factories, electronic factories and about 20% of our productions are for export and about 80% are for local market.

We strategize to market thoroughly innovative disposable medical and surgical products. With the satisfaction of our clients always in mind, we supply a wide variety of face mask products at convenient prices. When worn properly, these face masks are designed to shield droplets, sprays, micro dirt particles or any massive splashes, against coming into the nasal and oral areas.

Let’s work together.

Are you a distributor or abroad interested in our disposable products? Contact us immediately, no strings attached! We will get back to you as soon as possible.